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The 1M/1M Affiliate Program

Why Affiliate Program?

The 1M/1M philosophy is to strengthen the entire entrepreneurial eco-system. Today, many quality advocates and providers to the ecosystem are either underpaid or not paid at all. The 1M/1M affiliate program will create additional revenues for some, and for some, this could be their first decent revenue option.

At 1M/1M, we value quality partnerships, so we offer generous affiliate commission structures (10% of a $1000 annual 1M/1M Premium Membership fee) with an extended cookie duration (12 months). That means, for every new entrepreneur you refer to the 1M/1M program, we’ll share with you $100, if the sale occurs at any time within 12 months.

Who Could Become an 1M/1M Affiliate Partner?

Any tech ecosystem provider that shares our values. That could be a popular tech blogger, a professional network, an angel investor network, a business incubation association, an entrepreneurship development organization, or other product and service providers to the entrepreneurial eco-system. We are open to your suggestions, as long as you meet our standards for high quality.

The bottom line is if your website has a strong following and you provide great value to tech entrepreneurs, we want to support your work by sharing with you a portion of our revenues.

If you fit the bill and want to get started, please complete the affiliate application form.

What do 1M/1M Affiliate Partners do?

Simply put, the more entrepreneurs come from your site to our sites, the more revenue share you could potentially earn. (Our family of sites includes: 1M/1M sitefree strategy roundtables, as well as our blog).

You can choose one of the following ways to link to 1M/1M:

  • Syndicate Sramana’s weekly roundtable recap column
  • Publish 1M/1M free roundtable announcements every week
  • Syndicate the 1M/1M Deal Radar series
  • Syndicate the 1M/1M Incubation Radar series
  • Write about 1M/1M entrepreneurs
  • Discuss the 1M/1M Program on your blog
  • Make 1M/1M as one of your menu choices
  • Place 1M/1M and Entrepreneur Journeys widgets on your site
  • Display one or several 1M/1M ads
  • If you have a newsletter, use it to promote 1M/1M

Rest assured, once you are our affiliate, we will work with you to ensure that 1M/1M fits organically in any and all of your online channels. Also, to announce a partnership, we recommend a custom 1M/1M roundtable for your audience and related PR, the details of which we have mapped out systematically. For help, please email affiliates@sramanamitra.com.


We use the iDevAffiliate software for tracking cookies, payments, etc. If you have questions about how the software works, you can find some demos here. For payment, we currently use PayPal. Over time, we will expand the range of payment options. The commission we pay accrues to the first affiliate to send the customer over to 1M/1M.

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