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Incubator-in-a-Box for Co-working Spaces

You may have read Sramana’s article, The Problems with Incubators and How To Solve Them where she talks about how many incubators are effectively co-working spaces. Besides, there are many co-working spaces that are just that, and don’t claim to be anything more.

We believe that co-working spaces are important, and are great at creating local communities of entrepreneurs.

1M/1M works with co-working spaces anywhere in the world and helps them gain access to Silicon Valley’s eco-system and methodology.


1M/1M’s Incubator-in-a-Box offering can rapidly turn any co-working space into a full-service incubator, with deep ties into Silicon Valley.


  • Choose the scale at which you wish to start. You can incubate 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, or 200 entrepreneurs (or more).
  • 1M/1M will provide the base-level incubation to these entrepreneurs through the Premium Program. This includes online curriculum, mentoring / strategy consulting, introductions to customers, channel partners, investors, and access to the 1M/1M media and social media channels.
  • You continue to provide the co-working space. Now, your space is more valuable and attractive to the entrepreneurial community you are catering to.

How Much?

  • The 1M/1M Incubator-in-a-Box costs $1000/entrepreneur/year. 
  • A co-working space can simply offer the program to its entrepreneurs at the same price.
  • We do not take ANY equity, making us the most entrepreneur- (and investor- ) friendly incubator program on the planet. Most incubators take 5-10% equity. So if you take equity, then whatever equity you take, is yours. We simply make that equity worth more.
  • The ROI we deliver is equivalent to $375k + 5-10% Equity per entrepreneur.

Contact: Irina Patterson

Note: Here are a few videos explaining the 1M/1M program in more depth:

Meet some of The One Million Club members, and review the Quantified 1M/1M Value Equation.

We are working with many corporate partners, helping their eco-systems with incubation support, including SAP, Oracle,  Rackspace, Microsoft, Nokia, Elance, TradeKing, A&N Media, BlueSnap, etc. Nothing is too small for us. No geography is not of interest to us. Wherever, and at whatever scale you would like to build your incubator, we look forward to working with you shoulder to shoulder.