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What To Expect From The Premium Program

The 1Mby1M Premium program is a year-long accelerator for tech startups. We accept startups on a rolling basis all year long and at all stages. We accept both bootstrapping and fundraising startups. All startups get a full twelve-month mentorship starting from the date they join. Join Here.

The Curriculum

1Mby1M Curriculum (self-study) helps to better understand Positioning, Customer Acquisition, Team Building, and Financing.

View the full list of 1Mby1M Curriculum modules here. All 1Mby1M entrepreneurs get an unlimited one year access to the Curriculum, all Core and Elective modules. 

To get a taste, try our free, one-hour Bootstrapping course here.


We recommend using the 1Mby1M Self-Assessment tool to prioritize the Curriculum modules that are most relevant for you.

Fresh Ideas

Entrepreneurs at the 1Mby1M Accelerator get fresh ideas, refine their strategy, course-correct as they go through the video lectures, and case studies, all based on the experiences of over 1,000 successful entrepreneurs.

Learning Pace

Pick your own pace — you have a full year. The Core Curriculum takes about 50 hours to get through. You also have access to over 500 hours of material across multiple Electives.

Strategy Roundtables

The 1Mby1M Private Roundtables are for members only to discuss their specifics with Sramana Mitra — 1Mby1M founder — a highly regarded Silicon Valley strategy consultant.


As a member entrepreneur, leverage 1Mby1M’s credibility when you pitch potential clients, channel partners, or investors. 

Introductions to Investors

Follow our Seed Capital interviews so you get to know the various investors we work with. All 1Mby1M entrepreneurs are eligible for investor introductions when they are ready for such introductions. If you are fundraising for your startup see the Investor Introductions page on how it works at the 1Mby1M Accelerator.

Media Relations

All 1Mby1M entrepreneurs can be featured when they are ready on the 1Mby1M Incubation Radar (IR) — a series we publish on our blog. Investors, analysts, media, and corporate M&A teams monitor these stories regularly.

If you are a 1Mby1M entrepreneur, it will add to your credibility when you are approaching a journalist or an analyst on your own.

And you can leverage 1Mby1M’s well-established social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to distribute your news updates for a higher chance to be noticed by customers and investors.


Be reasonable about your expectations. The 1Mby1M Accelerator will only deliver the results for your business if you do your part.

Be ready for direct feedback on your idea and strategy. If your idea or strategy is no good, please get ready to hear that and then course correct with support and help from 1Mby1M.

We are always on your side and do recommend that you have the safe vetting of your idea done at 1Mby1M, rather than waste years of your life and all of your savings on trying to implement a poor concept or getting continuous, painful rejections from investors, which is, unfortunately, so common. We’d rather see you not subjecting yourself to this unnecessary emotional turmoil.

Looking for more info? Here are the FAQs. If this doesn’t answer your question, please contact us by email.

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