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Dharmesh Singh

Co-founder and CEO, Fullcast - Raised $4 Million in Series A Funding

Posted on Monday, December 10th, 2012

“Working with the 1Mby1M team is perhaps one of the best decisions I’ve made on the spur of the moment. I was tracking 1Mby1M for a while and used to get their e-newsletter. I was always cynical about the pay to play model in the Bay Area. I tested the model quite late in our evolution on a whim and was surprised by everything. It was the best $1000 spent. I would strongly urge founders who are at the ideation stage to sign up – you will save yourself a lot of time, trouble and resources. Through 1Mby1M, I was introduced to Warren Weiss, a renowned former sales executive who worked with Steve Jobs at NeXT, and is now a successful VC in Silicon Valley.”

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