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Avik Pal

Founder & CEO, CliniOps, Inc. - $1.2+ Million in Annual Revenue in 2017

Posted on Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

“I joined the 1Mby1M program about 3 years back when I just started my entrepreneurship journey. 1Mby1M has structured a great curriculum that I think is extremely practical and immensely helpful for startup founders. The courses are backed by very powerful case studies that give a true picture of real-life situations and what other founders have done in such situations. A big takeaway for me from the program was ‘bootstrap first, raise funds later’, something that Sramana emphasizes very often. I left the program with a clearer picture of the levers for navigating the very early stage of a startup journey.

Fast forward a few years, CliniOps has bootstrapped to a position where our solution is currently used in 15+ countries across North America, South America, Asia and Africa, with over 50,000+ patients on our system, and our work has been recognized by some of the top analysts in our domain, and most importantly by happy customers. I recently rejoined the program with an expectation to receive Sramana’s guidance and advice on our next steps, as we prepare to grow our channels and partnerships, and get ready to raise our first round of institutional investment. Looking forward to a productive second stint at 1Mby1M!”

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