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Nitin Khandelwal

Founder OneNDF

Posted on Sunday, December 16th, 2012

“I see Sramana Mitra as a true mentor, someone who has been a trusted advisor. I have immense respect for her words and guidance. The expertise and knowledge she is imparting is really valuable. Each budding entrepreneur / entrepreneur looking for growth should have a mentor / advisor like her. It’s been an absolute delight joining and working with 1Mby1M. I joined 1Mby1M in 2021, and in just a few sessions I was quite intrigued by the suggestions and guidance offered by Sramana. Each session and each interaction has been enriching and something to take away from. While it’s difficult for a businessman to be coached, I personally found a mentor I can believe in. She is my go-to person for any strategic idea I need to bounce off. She also goes the extra mile to help you reach your goals.”

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