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1-on-1 Consulting

I find myself telling the 1Mby1M companies ad nauseam that VCs are looking for companies that can go from 0 to $100M ARR in 5-7 years. If they cannot meet this velocity, they need to find a non-traditional financing path. Bootstrapping (sometimes with small capital raises) to exit is a possible alternative.

Now, it is also a fact that not all companies that DO succeed in raising financing end up achieving that kind of velocity.

Reasons vary. If the problem is with the product, then it’s more an execution issue.

But often, in my experience, the problem is with POSITIONING. This is a strategy issue.

I have decided to offer consulting to funded startups that have strategy issues, especially positioning. 

We’ve been doing this within 1Mby1M all along. 

Now, we extend the expertise to funded startups that could be a bit further along. Or a lot further along, but not hitting the velocity stride.

I’d like to focus only on enterprise SaaS to begin with.

I am writing a multi-part series to explore the issues: The Startup Velocity Question: What Hinders Acceleration in VC Funded Companies. Please read it and make sure it resonates.

Then, if you wish to work with me, please schedule a 1-hour working session for $1000 (via paypal).

If we decide to work more closely together whereby I talk to your product team, sales team, customers, and customer success folks, we will work out the terms of such an engagement on a case by case basis.

Please note, if you are looking for a more affordable entry point, 1Mby1M Premium costs $1000 for a year. You can get similar issues addressed through weekly members-only roundtables.

I am a firm believer in bootstrapping. If you have a bootstrapped startup and are now looking to accelerate, by all means, it would be my pleasure to help you pursue that goal.