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The 1M/1M program has a deep knowledge of the common issues that early stage entrepreneurs struggle with. Sramana has personally coached thousands of entrepreneurs and based on questions and discussion items that keep coming up, she has developed lecture modules and case studies to address those questions. The curriculum is delivered as lecture modules and corresponding case studies. In the lectures, Sramana summarizes and synthesizes points that you need to pay attention to, while in the case studies, you get the experienced entrepreneurs’ perspectives on the topic, and how they have navigated their way through these issues.

Remember, while the video lectures are by Sramana, the case studies span over 700 successful entrepreneurs. Each has taken the time to share with us his/her story, journey, secrets of success, points of failure, lessons, learnings, strategies, and take-aways. In that sense, the 1M/1M curriculum is being taught by over 700 entrepreneurs, not just Sramana and the 1M/1M team.

As you work through these modules, please feel free to discuss and ask questions about the specific topics in the comments sections. We answer as diligently as possible, and as we see trends in the recurring questions and topic, we add modules and case studies. This process has been going on for over five years, so you will find answers to many questions we’ve already encountered routinely available readily.

Also, new case studies are published monthly. Please bookmark this link to see what is new.

“I was looking for what you teach back in January of 2007 and couldn’t find it anywhere.  We had just launched our first tech venture and would have saved countless thousands in trial and error education if 1M/1M was available.” – Dan Stewart, CEO, HappyGrasshopper


Core Curriculum:

  1. Bootstrapping
  2. Positioning
  3. Market Sizing
  4. Customer Validation
  5. Financing
  6. Customer Acquisition
  7. Team Building


  1. Web 3.0 & eCommerce
  2. Cloud Computing & Business Solutions
  3. Outsourcing & Consulting
  4. Mobile & Social Apps
  5. Healthcare IT
  6. Online Education
  7. Gaming
  8. Building Unicorn Companies
  9. Women & Entrepreneurship
  10. Entrepreneur Dysfunctions in Cartoons
  11. Regional Case Studies
  12. Vision India 2020
  13. Intrapreneurship

In general, we recommend that you invest the time to take the 1M/1M Self-assessment Test as soon as you join the premium program, and go over the relevant curriculum modules. This can be done over a weekend, and will immediately give you a sense of where you need to focus. You can then start using the roundtables to ask specific questions.

Over time, we want you to absorb the entire Core Curriculum. It would presumably take you several days (or weeks/months, depending on how much time you are spending on a weekly basis) to do so, but the time would be well spent. And, once you are done, you will be in a better position to take advantage of our roundtables where you get a chance to directly interact with Sramana, ask questions, and brainstorm about your strategy.

Also, please note that the 1M/1M program and its methodology is heavily rooted in the philosophy of bootstrapping, crisp positioning, and early validation / invalidation. As such, it is essential that you internalize those modules ASAP. It will save you a lot of grief later on in your entrepreneurial journey. Also, here is a blog post that discusses the curriculum and its underlying philosophy in greater detail.

Please note, the curriculum has only been available to the 1M/1M Premium Members until recently.

In 2016, we’re introducing 1M/1M Basic which is a Curriculum Only subscription for $99 per month.

Premium Membership Fee:

Non-refundable $1000 annual membership fee for unlimited usage. [What to expect from the 1M/1M premium program]. Click here to join 1M/1M

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