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Incubator-in-a-Box for Platform Vendors

You may have read Sramana’s Harvard Business Review article, When Big Companies Support Startups, They Both Make More Money.

We hear it from many of our platform vendor partners: “Developers ask us for incubation support, but we do not have the capacity!”

Of course.

Every platform vendor’s goal is to have hundreds, if not thousands, tens of thousands, ideally hundreds of thousands of developers building applications on their platforms.

Yet, it is not within their capacity to incubate companies en-masse.

Imagine, however, how much more credibility it brings to a developer network if it not only brings a platform to market, but a scalable incubator to support those developers?

1Mby1M is particularly interested in working with technology companies who offer development platforms for cloud, mobile, social, and other types of applications. Typically, these companies have developer networks, and it is important for these communities to be nurtured to become successful. Developers only stay with a platform if it helps them generate revenues and profits.

Developer networks, more often than not, consist of technical founders with limited business backgrounds or experience. 1Mby1M is  the only scalable incubation resource for nurturing such networks on a global scale. Also, most incubators like YCombinator, TechStars, etc. do not support entrepreneurs that do not fit the VC model. However, in most developer networks, over 90% of the companies are working on small, niche opportunities that do not fit the VC model.

1Mby1M is the only incubator that has a business model to support large numbers of small, niche businesses.

It is important for developer networks to not only attract large numbers of developers, but to keep them interested and engaged. Doing so requires a level of nurturing that is very difficult for software companies to provide in a scalable way.

That precisely is 1Mby1M’s value proposition: we can work with you to nurture your platform eco-system and developer networks. We can help your developers not only build popular apps, but become successful as businesses.

And, we can also help you attract new developers to your platform.


1Mby1M’s Incubator-in-a-Box offering can rapidly turn any developer network into a global incubator. [An overview in slides]


  • Choose the scale at which you wish to start. You can incubate 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, or 200 entrepreneurs.
  • You can go global right away, something only a virtual incubator platform can do. Or, choose one or more locations as you wish.
  • 1Mby1M will provide the base-level incubation to these entrepreneurs through the Premium Program. This includes online curriculum, mentoring / strategy consulting, introductions to customers, channel partners, investors, and access to the 1M/1M media and social media channels.
  • Partner can add any amount of additional resources on top, including platform credits, funding, real-estate, mentoring, network, legal services, accounting services, etc.
  • 1Mby1M can run contests and help partner recruit the entrepreneurs to bring into their custom portfolio.
  • 1Mby1M can also screen the best performers from the incubation portfolio for partner to invest further resources in, after a few months of incubation.

How Much?

  • The 1Mby1M Incubator-in-a-Box costs $1000/entrepreneur/year. So, if you incubate 50 entrepreneurs with us, that would cost $50k for a year.
  • We do not take ANY equity, making us the most entrepreneur- (and investor- ) friendly incubator program on the planet. Most incubators take 5-10% equity.
  • The ROI we deliver is equivalent to $375k + 5-10% Equity per entrepreneur.
  • We do charge consulting and administrative fees depending on the scale of the program and the support you require.

Note: Here are a few videos explaining the 1Mby1M program in more depth:

Meet some of The One Million Club members, and review the Quantified 1M/1M Value Equation.

And here is an example of our program with SAP’s Startup Focus to incubate companies building on the HANA platform: 1M/1M Finds New Friends At The SAP Startup Focus. Chris Carter, CEO of Approyo is a scholarship winner making great progress.