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Investor Introductions

“With Sramana, we sprinted from vague product concept to a customer-driven business with real, reference customers in just six months. Any startup that wants to fast-track to being ‘Silicon Valley VC ready’ should participate in this program.”

-Taariq Lewis, Founder & CEO at Stanzr (San Francisco Bay Area, California, U.S.)

Yes, we will be happy to introduce you to investors where appropriate. However, not until we consider you ready, and certainly not unless you fit the investment model of the investors you are requesting to be introduced to.

So, first and foremost, we would like you to get yourself intimately familiar with the Financing module of the curriculum and understand what the implications and requirements of seeking outside financing are. In addition, we also recommend you get familiar with the Bootstrapping section of the curriculum so that you know the full range of your options, pros and cons, etc. and make an informed, and hopefully wise decision.

Note, there are a few active and mature geographies where there are more early stage investors. There is a definite location bias among investors, and if you are remotely interested in moving to a more investor-heavy geography, please do indicate that in your request.

“1M/1M is a very helpful program, and Sramana is very well connected in the industry. When we were looking to talk to investors, Sramana introduced us to multiple investors, and also acted as an advisor helping us navigate complex term sheet clauses like tranche financing and liquidation preferences. 1M/1M also helped us win the $40,000 Microsoft BizSpark Startup Challenge Grant by helping us refine our pitch, market sizing analysis, and other details. I would enthusiastically recommend Sramana’s 1M/1M program for first time entrepreneurs and technical founders who need help with understanding other aspects of running a business.”

-Girish Mathrubootham, Founder & CEO at FreshDesk (Chennai, India)

Finally, we strongly recommend that you take the opportunity to get to know the investors we work with regularly by reading the Seed Capital series of interviews on Sramana’s blog, so that you can specifically request whom you want to be introduced to with a good understanding of the investment thesis of these investors. Sramana will, of course, use her judgment to suggest investors for you based on the profile.

Also, Sramana will not forward your information to ANY investor without first discussing with you and getting your consent.

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