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What To Expect From The Premium Program

To help you understand what to expect from the 1M/1M premium program, we want to set the context of the genesis of this product. Sramana Mitra has been a high level strategy consultant in Silicon Valley for a decade, and charges $5000 a day for her consulting engagements. She has been constantly approached by startups for feedback and advice, and so far, there has been no business model for her to engage with this group. However, as an entrepreneur herself, she really wants to work with this constituency, and has been experimenting with business models that may work.

These experiments have led to the 1M/1M program which offers a host of resources for free on her blog, as well as a weekly free strategy roundtable that is public and accessible from anywhere in the world. Entrepreneurs are very welcome to avail of all these free resources.

In addition, she has published a series of books, which also provide access to some degree of synthesis of her work and methodology.


However, over time, it has become obvious that entrepreneurs come to the roundtables with a lot of similar questions and need to be coached on pretty much the same issues over and again. As such, we have put together a core curriculum based on video lectures and case studies that address these issues. The core curriculum includes modules on Bootstrapping, Positioning, Validation, Market Sizing, Customer Acquisition, Team Building, and Financing. In addition, there are elective modules that address industry specific topics in Web 3.0 and e-Commerce, Cloud Computing and Business Solutions, Mobile and Social Apps, HealthcareIT, Online Education/EduTech, Outsourcing & Consulting, Gaming, etc.

As far as the curriculum is concerned, the entire approach is video lectures and case study based, and we expect that if you invest about 50 hours in absorbing the core curriculum and one elective that applies to your project, you will have covered the key issues necessary for you to create a strategy for your very early stage startup. Of course, you have unlimited access to the entire curriculum, Core and Elective.

Private Roundtables

In addition, there will be private roundtables on a regular basis – multiple times a week, once the membership picks up for the premium lounge – where you will get to discuss your strategy with Sramana. Private Roundtables operate in a similar format as our free public roundtables, except they are members-only, and not accessible by anyone and everyone from around the world.

We will be recording the live private roundtable sessions and making them available for you to listen to later. Primarily, this is to stay true to our case study based teaching methodology such that your peers in the 1M/1M program can learn with you. Also, entrepreneurs have told us that they often listen to their strategy sessions multiple times to fully get their arms around what was discussed, and what Sramana recommended them to do. However, these recordings are members-only, and stays within this premium lounge.

If you have additional questions based on a specific strategy session, you can use the comments section of the recording post to further dialog on the topic. Sramana will try her best to respond as actively as possible to your questions.

Discussion Forum

In general, when you want to discuss a topic that is covered in the curriculum, we prefer that you use the comments section of the appropriate module. However, not all topics are covered in the curriculum, so if there is something on your mind that you need feedback on, please feel free to open up a thread and ask your questions in the discussion forum. Sramana will engage and dialog.

As time goes by, we will surely enrich our curriculum and provide more comprehensive modules. Meanwhile, let’s use this forum for discussions on topics that Sramana has not yet created a lecture + case study module.

And as we see topics trending, it will also help us pull together additional lecture modules on those topics.

Investor Introduction

Yes, we will be happy to introduce you to investors where appropriate. However, not until we consider you ready, and certainly not unless you fit the investment model of the investors you are requesting to be introduced to.

So, first and foremost, we would like you to get yourself intimately familiar with the Financing module of the curriculum and understand what the implications and requirements of seeking outside financing are. In addition, we also recommend you get familiar with the Bootstrapping section of the curriculum so that you know the full range of your options, pros and cons, and make an informed, and hopefully wise decision.

Customer/Channel Partner Introduction

If we can connect some dots for you that lead to customers and channel partners and help you build validation, and hence valuation and potentially cash flow, we consider that even more crucial than investor introductions. In fact, our recommendation is to explore the opportunities for customer and channel partner introductions first, so that you defer any kind of investment.

In addition to introductions, Sramana sometimes – in very select cases – gets involved in success fee based business development deals. These are negotiated separately, and are outside of the core 1M/1M membership program. However, if she does see such opportunities, your momentum could get to an accelerated path within  a few months. As she gets to know you, Sramana will propose those options if she sees fit. Please note, these opportunities are open only to 1M/1M premium members.

Incubation Radar

The 1M/1M Incubation Radar (IR) is a series we publish on sramanamitra.com that many investors, analysts, media, and corporate M&A teams monitor. Sometimes, we proactively draw their attention to it, and other times, they request introductions to IR companies which we gladly provide. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity.

Media and Analyst Relations

We have a large set of relationships in the industry which we make available for you as part of your premium membership. Also, going to any journalist or analyst as a 1M/1M premium company and have our backing adds to your credibility.

Social Media Channel

1M/1M has a substantial social media presence. We run 200 messages a day through Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and have a large following among influencers. We make this high bandwidth channel available to you as part of your membership. You can learn more by studying the 1M/1M Twitter Strategy and the How You Can Use The 1M/1M Twitter Channel modules of our curriculum. All Twitter messages automatically flow through Facebook and LinkedIn as well, giving you access to a powerful social media force.

Future Plans

As we develop this program, we will add further services in the areas of team building, business development, and financing. We also continue to significantly enhance the curriculum every month, and add new modules and new case studies.


Please be reasonable about your expectations from the program. For $1000 annual membership fee, we’re trying to provide a lot of value to you. But this program will only be successful if you do your part and be reasonable with your expectations, and do not exploit the goodwill.

Please understand that so far, this level of strategy consulting, business development, and mentoring has not been attempted in a scalable format. We are trying to solve a very complex problem of helping a large number of entrepreneurs around the globe at a very affordable price-point. We will be successful if you do your part, and not abuse the program.

Finally, Sramana gives direct feedback, largely un-sugarcoated. If you come to her with a bad idea, she will tell you so.  We recommend that you get this vetting done within the safe zone of 1M/1M, rather than getting beaten up by investors and wasting valuable years of your life.

Questions: Here are some FAQs. If this doesn’t answer your question, please contact us by email and we will do our best to address your concerns.

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