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Yatit Thakker

Co-Founder, Omninox Publishing

Posted on Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013

“The three greatest things I learned from 1M/1M are: 1) Focus on a specific, target niche in your market, and go after it with full force 2) It doesn’t matter how large your niche market is because your business can still create value. In fact, there is a smaller chance of there being intense competition in such a market. 3) The best way to reach your potential customers is directly. This way you can build a relationship with them and earn their loyalty. This can be facilitated much more easily today with technology. All of this is topped off with the icing on the cake, which is Sramana’s very actionable feedback. Overall, 1M/1M has been a very positive and valuable experience so far, and I have already recommended it to other entrepreneurs. The value I have gained from the program makes it so the price does not even matter. If wantrepreneurs are willing to pay over $20k per year and forego a salary to go to business school and learn from professors, then there is no reason not to pay $1000 per year while working on your company and gain valuable advice and actionable feedback. You are not just investing in your company. You are investing in your own future and growth as an entrepreneur.”

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