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Jyoti Gulati

Founder, Centre for Transformational Leadership™, Centre for Entrepreneurial Excellence™, Mums At Work™

Posted on Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

“I signed up with 1Mby1M to be shown the mirror, be held accountable for my intentions, and for some straight-talk from SramanaMitra. To be shown different perspectives that I am not willing or able to see is of enormous value. There can be no business growth without that.

In the customer pitch that I made to Sramana during one of the weekly roundtable sessions, I received feedback and coaching that has saved me years of wasting time. If you are an entrepreneur, do yourself a service and explore 1Mby1M.

The premium year-long program is ridiculously low-priced (Rs 65,000) and is a huge value for the money with 1.5 hour weekly private roundtable sessions. Wishing you super success in your venture. Make it certain with SramanaMitra and 1Mby1M.”

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