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What To Expect From The 1Mby1M Basic Program

If you are not ready to join the 1Mby1M Premium program, consider 1Mby1M Basic that offers access to the 1Mby1M Curriculum only, and it’s just $99 a month.

Use the 1Mby1M Curriculum to quickly plug your knowledge gaps by self-learning, whether you need to understand better Positioning, Customer Acquisition, Team Building, or Financing.

View the full list of 1Mby1M Curriculum modules here. $99 a month gives you unlimited access to the entire Curriculum, all of the Core and the Elective modules.

To get a taste, try this free, one-hour Bootstrapping course here.

Use our 1Mby1M Self-Assessment tool to prioritize the Curriculum modules that are most relevant for you.

Get fresh ideas, refine your strategy, course-correct as you go through the video lectures, interviews, and case studies, all based on the experiences of over 1,000 successful entrepreneurs.

Pick your own pace of learning —  one month, or several months, each month is only $99. The Core Curriculum takes about 50 hours to get through. You have access to over 500 hours of material across multiple electives.

As you progress, ask questions in the Comments sections of the Curriculum, get answers and sharpen your ideas and strategies further.

And pair 1Mby1M Basic with the Free Public Roundtables, where you can discuss your project-specific issues.

Looking for more details? Check the FAQs.

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“The insight, knowledge and advice I received from 1Mby1M was both exhaustive and an invaluable part of our successes.”

– Steve Owens, Founder, Finish Line

“The 1Mby1M program has been the best investment I made before launching my app. The curriculum is full of rich content that helped me every step of the way. I fully recommend the program to any entrepreneur at any stage of developing a new startup.”

– Manolo Hernandez Kuri, Founder of Snapwin