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1Mby1M Partnership with Academia

Dear Friends,

I run One Million by One Million, the world’s first and only global virtual accelerator for technology startups from Silicon Valley.

Over the last 12+ years, we have developed methodology, case studies and 3000+ hours worth of proven curriculum for teaching tech entrepreneurship.

We’re looking to partner with academic institutions who want to offer undergraduate and graduate level degree programs based on our curriculum (MBAs, Majors, Minors, Electives).

Here are some links to explore with your colleagues:

About 1Mby1M:

One Million by One Million (1Mby1M) is the first and only global virtual accelerator, headquartered in Silicon Valley. 

We aim to nurture a million entrepreneurs to reach a million dollars each in annual revenue and beyond, thereby creating a trillion dollars in global GDP and ten million jobs.

The website has a comprehensive overview of the program.

A few highlights:

Also, here are some notes from our discussions with your peers in Higher Ed:

  • There is a clear trend in MBA programs whereby students are looking for options to do part-time MBAs.
  • Especially among highly paid tech workers, the desire to forego their salaries presents a tremendous opportunity cost.
  • At the same time, the desire to beef up business chops, especially in entrepreneurship and innovation is high.
  • Many techies today are aspiring entrepreneurs.
  • As such, an online, part-time MBA from a reputed institute with a concentration in technology entrepreneurship and innovation is an attractive proposition.
  • We’re also hearing from colleges and universities with more of a Liberal Arts lean who find it compelling to offer a compulsory or optional technology entrepreneurship education as part of their undergraduate degree programs.
  • Undergraduate and graduate engineering programs find it interesting to be able to offer technology entrepreneurship education as an inevitably desirable component.

In all of the above use cases, the following assumptions hold:

  • 1Mby1M offers a scalable, globally accessible, digital curriculum with a significant self-learning component.
  • Institute faculty will be teaching the program.
  • Institute will offer accredited degrees, diplomas and certificates.
  • 1Mby1M will offer publicity for the programs, but the institute will need to market the program to fill the desired number of seats.

Please let me know if you are interested, and we can schedule a Zoom call to discuss further.

Best regards, Sramana