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CapLinked Entrepreneurs: Welcome to 1M/1M

Perhaps you are thinking about starting a company, or raising money. But you are not sure about the steps involved. 1M/1M can offer you a blueprint on how to go about it.


One Million by One Million is a global initiative that aims to nurture a million entrepreneurs reach a million dollars each in annual revenue and beyond by 2020, thereby creating a trillion dollars in global GDP and ten million jobs.


Silicon Valley entrepreneur and strategy consultant Sramana Mitra founded 1M/1M to create a framework for Capitalism 2.0, which she envisions as distributed, democratic capitalism. The program was born out of her 2010 New Year Resolution.


We offer a case-study-based online educational program, video lectures, and methodology, online strategy consulting at public and private online roundtables, as well as introductions to customers, channel partners and investors (pre-seed, seed, angel, VC, bank, alternative financing). The public roundtable is a free program accessible from anywhere in the world. The rest of the services are for our paying members only.

Membership Fee:

Non-refundable $1000 annual membership fee for unlimited usage. [What to expect from the 1M/1M premium program]. Click here to join 1M/1M


“Sramana Mitra’s 1M/1M roundtables are a must for every entrepreneur working on a new business idea. But be prepared, you could receive more actionable feedback in a few minutes than you can collect after having spoken with a dozens VCs.

1M/1M is a great unique program for entrepreneurs running businesses in the most difficult and vulnerable phase of their growth, the pre-1M$ revenues stage. I’d suggest to everyone with the entrepreneurship fever to join this program and carefully follow its methodology.” — Gioacchino La Vecchia, CEO, CrowdEngineering

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“The value of your program is amazing.  For perspective, I also joined a $1,000/month CEO-roundtable group, with professional speakers and full day, once-per-month meetings.  At 1/12th the cost, 1M/1M provides far more value.” – Dan Stewart, CEO, HappyGrasshopper

“I took Sramana’s advice and went organic for the last quarter of 2010- the gift season. Repeat orders and gift orders exceeded expectations resulting in 3 solidly profitable months with nearly no marketing expense beyond some Facebook advertising. Also following advice on being careful with retail distribution judging every deal on cashflow first, margin second. Thanks Sramana! We’re excited about 2011 and breaking the $1million sales mark.” — Brad Barrett, CEO, GrillGrate

“We presented Techcello at the 1M/1M roundtable and got some very useful feedback from Sramana. While we were focused on reaching ISVs directly, Sramana suggested that we should also partner with OPD companies and large solution providers.

She even introduced us to one of the large Indian OPD companies. Subsequently, they evaluated our product Cellosaas and signed a partnership agreement with us. A large solution provider is also doing a similar evaluation on Cellosaas. As a startup, we have benefited a lot from Sramana’s 1M/1M initiative.” — Gowri Subramanium, CEO, Techcello

“I participated in Sramana’s first strategy roundtable. Her advice has been very helpful and today we have a good number of enterprise customers and are on our way to self-reliance. We shall be cash flow positive this year and can continue to grow without funding.” –– Sumeet Anand, CEO, Kreeo

“We first developed a relationship with Sramana and the 1M/1M program with our pitch on the roundtable and then through the Incubation Radar. We have found Sramana’s advice extremely valuable to better chart our positioning strategy and identify adjacent market opportunities. Sramana’s experience and extensive connections create a powerful force to open the right doors.” —John Krech, CEO, ePhiphony (Phitch)

“I also take the opportunity to recommend 1M/1M as a great program for Indian entrepreneurs looking to access US customers. Sramana’s extensive experience and rolodex has helped us zero-in on an immediately actionable revenue-focused strategy and engage the Persistent sales force with great commitment and enthusiasm.” — Suresh Sambandam, CEO, Orangescape

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