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The 1Mby1M program steers you through all the common challenges faced by early stage tech entrepreneurs. After personally coaching thousands of entrepreneurs, Sramana Mitra has developed video lecture modules and curated corresponding case studies to help you navigate through the topics that are consistently encountered. The curriculum is based on the lessons learned by over 1,000 successful entrepreneurs – you learn from those who have done it before you – with key points summarized and synthesized for you.

To learn more and ask any questions you may have, please register to join us at an upcoming free public roundtable.


  1. Bootstrapping
  2. Positioning
  3. Market Sizing
  4. Customer Validation
  5. Financing
  6. Customer Acquisition
  7. Team Building


  1. Building Unicorn Companies
  2. Developer to Entrepreneur
  3. Artificial Intelligence
  4. Web 3.0 & eCommerce
  5. Online Education
  6. Healthcare IT
  7. Cloud Computing
  8. Big Data
  9. FinTech
  10. Internet of Things
  11. Gaming
  12. Women & Entrepreneurship
  13. Regional Case Studies
  14. Outsourcing & Consulting
  15. Mobile & Social Apps
  16. Entrepreneur Dysfunctions in Cartoons
  17. Vision India 2020
  18. Intrapreneurship


New case studies are published monthly – please bookmark this link to see what is new.

As you progress through the curriculum modules, please discuss and ask questions in the Comments sections. We will answer your questions, and when we see recurring questions and topics, will add modules and case studies to the curriculum. This has been our process for over six years, so you may find answers to some of your questions readily available in the Comments.


Your first step after joining 1M/1M is to invest the time to take the 1Mby1M Self-assessment Test. This can be done over a weekend, and will immediately give you a sense of where you need to focus. Then you can start to go through the relevant Curriculum modules. Premium Members can immediately start using the Private Roundtables to get personal guidance on specific questions and concerns related to their projects.

We want you to absorb the entire Core Curriculum. This will take you several days or weeks or months, depending on how much time you are spending with 1Mby1M on a weekly basis. Premium Members will then be ready to take full advantage of our Private Roundtables, where you get a chance to interact directly with Sramana, ask questions, and brainstorm about your strategy.

The 1Mby1M program and its methodology is heavily rooted in the philosophy of Bootstrapping, crisp Positioning, and early Validation / invalidation. It is essential that you internalize these modules ASAP. It will save you a lot of grief later on in your entrepreneurial journey. Here is a blog post that discusses the Curriculum and its underlying philosophy in greater detail.


1Mby1M Premium gives you access to the Curriculum, plus personalized, hands-on help with navigating your entrepreneurial challenges for a non-refundable, annual membership fee of $1000 for unlimited usage. Please read What to expect from the 1Mby1M Premium program? and the FAQs. Click here to join 1M/1M Premium.

1Mby1M Basic gives you access to only the Curriculum component of 1M/1M for a subscription fee of $99 per month. Click here to join 1Mby1M Basic.

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