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Customer / Channel Partner Introduction

“OrangeScape has benefited greatly by being part of Sramana Mitra’s 1M/1M program. As a company, we were able to lean back on Sramana’s vast experience in enterprise GTM processes. She has been driving specific aspects for our GTM just like another member of the OrangeScape team. Also, her interface between OrangeScape and Persistent Systems relationship has greatly helped us in progressing the partnership in a positive direction at all times. Overall, it has been a phenomenal positive for OrangeScape.”

-Suresh Sambandam, Founder & CEO at OrangeScape (Chennai, India)

If we can connect some dots for you that lead to customers and partners and help you build validation, and hence valuation and potentially cash flow, we consider that even more crucial than investor introductions. In fact, our recommendation is to explore the opportunities for customer and channel partner introductions first, so that you defer any kind of investment.

To get a full understanding of the philosophical premise driving this strategy, please go through the Bootstrapping and Financing modules of the curriculum in detail, so that we’re all on the same page as we start working on your project.

“The 1M/1M program has been a phenomenal help to us. Within days of joining, Sramana introduced us to some key folks in the industry and helped open new doors for us. Her advice is real, focused, and actionable. I would highly encourage entrepreneurs, especially first-time entrepreneurs, to leverage the program.”

-Vikrant Mathur, Co-Founder at iFood.tv (San Francisco Bay Area, California, U.S.)

“1M/1M is great to accelerate the penetration in a rich but challenging market like the United States. It takes time to build a sales and product proposition tailored to a new market and usually requires money and time, especially if the company has an innovative proposition. Within the 1M/1M network and with the great support and coordination of Sramana Mitra, CrowdEngineering has been able to quickly adjust the selling proposition, find a channel partner and reach high value prospects for its crowdsourced customer support offering.”

-Gioacchino La Vecchia, CEO at CrowdEngineering (Pisa, Italy)

Finally, we recommend that you use Sramana’s blog to get familiar with people whom she has profiled as possible customers / partners. Suggested places to look are the Entrepreneur Journeys interviews and the Thought Leaders in Cloud Computing interviews, as well as the Outsourcing series. And then, of course, there is Sramana’s personal rolodex.

Also, Sramana will not forward your information to ANY customer or partner without first discussing with you and getting your consent.

Membership Fee:

Non-refundable $1000 annual membership fee for unlimited usage. [What to expect from the 1M/1M premium program]. Click here to join 1M/1M

“Sramana Mitra’s 1M/1M roundtables are a must for every entrepreneur working on a new business idea. But be prepared, you could receive more actionable feedback in a few minutes than you can collect after having spoken with a dozens VCs.

1M/1M is a great unique program for entrepreneurs running businesses in the most difficult and vulnerable phase of their growth, the pre-1M$ revenues stage. I’d suggest to everyone with the entrepreneurship fever to join this program and carefully follow its methodology.” — Gioacchino La Vecchia, CEO,CrowdEngineering

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