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Frequently Asked Questions: TradeKing Financial Entrepreneur Pitch-Fest Competition


Can you tell me more about TradeKing or about the 1M/1M program?

  • Yes, TradeKing is a nationally licensed stock and options broker known for its innovative platform and tools, great customer service and low, fair pricing to help give independent investors a leg up. For more information about TradeKing go to www.tradeking.com and for more information on the 1M/1M program go to 1M/1M.


Why was this competition program started?

  • One of the key issues in the entrepreneurial eco-system is this: Over 99% of the entrepreneurs who seek financing get rejected. They seek financing too soon, or with unfundable business ideas. Our mission with this program is to develop the 99% that never do get to that stage – and it’s TradeKing’s mission to provide its customers more choice through the proliferation of new, successful trading apps developed with the use of its API.


What is the selection criteria and how many will be selected?

  • Up to 18 entrants will be selected to give a 5-minute pitch of their business idea at the Roundtables that will be held on two Spring 2013 dates. Ten winners will be selected. The scholarship is open for online investing-related ventures only. This includes businesses focused on online tools, mobile tools, platform SDKs and data visualization tools.
  • Selection criteria include:

o      Innovative Idea and Business Model Being Proposed

o      Best and most creative use of the TradeKing API functions

o      Individual’s background

o      The strategic vision and market viability of the idea

o      Ability of the participant to create and execute on the business idea

o      Best combined use of the TradeKing API with any other API provider


Will I get any assistance in preparing my business plan to pitch at the Roundtable if I am selected as a finalist?

  • You are responsible for submitting your business for consideration by answering the questions on the application. If you are chosen to pitch at the Roundtable, you will get instructions to pull together your five-minute pitch. The benefit to you, even if you’re not selected as a winner, is you will get an on-the-spot analysis of your project by Sramana Mitra, one of Silicon Valley’s top strategists, with suggestions about how to potentially increase your chances of success. Since this is an online conference, you will gain exposure to potential investors in our audience, and to the network audience that listens to the event live or later in online recordings. For example, go here to hear recordings of past Roundtables.


If I am selected as the one of the twelve winners, what will I receive?

  • A year of 1M/1M ongoing mentorship during weekly strategy roundtables.
  • Opportunity to study a unique curriculum designed to prevent mistakes, and potentially save time and money.
  • Chance to absorb the tribal knowledge of Silicon Valley through Sramana Mitra based on carefully analyzed case studies of hundreds of successful companies.
  • Introductions by Sramana Mitra to potential customers, partners, media, analysts, and investors among her extensive global network.
  • Assistance from TradeKing experts to help you develop investment-related apps and user interfaces leveraging the TradeKing API.


TradeKing Financial Entrepreneur Pitch-Fest Competition

Application: TradeKing Financial Entrepreneur Pitch-Fest Competition