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How to Review and Promote Udemy Courses

First, if you have not joined yet, please join the Udemy Affiliate Program.

Next, we will send you a coupon to take one of our courses at no charge, so you can start by writing a review on Udemy and on your site for that specific course.

We will repeat that process for all our courses one by one. 

We currently have these courses up and running and we’ll keep adding to them.

In addition to reviewing our courses, you are completely free to develop your own strategy of how to promote the courses to your followers and readers.

You can be as creative as you want and you can discuss or not discuss your strategies with us.

In any case, we’ll be supporting your Affiliate work however we can, including sharing your reviews through our social media channels.

Please join the Udemy Affiliate Program and let us know when you are ready to receive your first coupon.