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Incubator-in-a-Box for Governments

All governments have realized by now that the greatest source of economic prosperity is the entrepreneurs. Hence, countries, states, regions, cities are setting up their own incubators and accelerators to support them. Economic development agencies in various countries, states, and cities are actively working on building entrepreneurship ecosystems around the world.

1Mby1M works with government incubators and economic development agencies anywhere in the world and gives them access to Silicon Valley’s ecosystem and methodology.

1Mby1M offers scale to government incubators who often have limited capacity. To develop a community into a thriving entrepreneurial hub, hundreds of entrepreneurs need to be nurtured. By partnering with 1Mby1M, governments can vastly expand their capacity to support a large number of entrepreneurs.

1Mby1M offers reach. If a government incubator is headquartered in one city, and wants to open additional branches in five other locations, it is easy to do so with 1Mby1M because of the virtual structure of the program.

The framework: Incubator-in-a-Box Best Practices for Governments


“Our partnership with 1Mby1M fills a critical gap in our entrepreneurial ecosystem. We were attracted to their innovative approach for offering accelerated education, strategy consulting, mentoring, coaching and peer networking, and totally impressed with their long term experience and creditability in that marketplace. To be able to provide this extraordinary support on a totally virtual, global platform was extraordinary and would scale development opportunities for so many serious Delaware entrepreneurs. 1Mby1M is not your traditional incubator/accelerator either from a business building or service delivery standpoint. We are hoping to be able to expand the number of Delaware companies participating in this partnership in the very near future.”

Ken Anderson,  Director of Entrepreneurial and Small Business Support, Delaware Economic Development Office (DEDO) – Delaware Economic Development Office (DEDO) Partners With 1Mby1M