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Private Roundtables

Private Roundtables operate in a similar format as our free public roundtables, except they are members-only, and not accessible by anyone and everyone from around the world. We are using Webex Events as our platform, with up to four active participants pitching over video and/or audio conferencing and slide/screen sharing, and an unlimited number of passive participants during each private roundtable.

If you would like to pitch and discuss with Sramana at a private session, please get familiar with the curriculum, and email Maureen Kelly to book your slot at least one day ahead of time. For the first time you pitch, you can find a Roundtable Slides Pitch Template here. If you are further along in the program, you may want to share your Customer Pitch or Investor Pitch.

As a member of the 1Mby1M Premium Program, you are welcome to attend all private roundtables. Just before the start time, entrepreneurs who are not scheduled to discuss their businesses with Sramana Mitra during the roundtable should click on the link you receive by email to join. We hope to see you there! Please check the Private Roundtable Schedule and Instructions page to find the schedule of upcoming roundtables and the join link for each week’s roundtable.


We are recording the live private roundtable sessions and making them available for you to listen later. Primarily, this is to stay true to our case study based teaching methodology such that your peers in the 1Mby1M program can learn with you. Also, entrepreneurs have told us that they often listen to their strategy sessions multiple times to fully get their arms around what was discussed, and what Sramana advised them to do. However, these recordings are members-only, and stays within this premium lounge. If you have additional questions based on a specific strategy session, you can use the comments section of the recording post to further dialog on the topic. Sramana will try her best to respond as actively as possible to your additional questions. Please note, the Private Roundtable Recordings are only available to the 1Mby1M Premium Members.

Membership Fee:

Non-refundable $1000 annual membership fee for unlimited usage. [What to expect from the 1M/1M premium program]. Click here to join 1M/1M. Several premium members shared an insider’s view of the 1M/1M premium program during our 100th roundtable, please take a look: