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1M/1M Twitter Strategy

Posted on Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

I thought this may be helpful to you to learn how we’re using Twitter, with two objectives: (1) To teach you how to develop your own Twitter channel, and (2) To show you how you can use our Twitter channel for your benefit. To understand the latter, please listen to the module titled How You Can Use The 1M/1m Twitter Channel.

Our Twitter channel handles are @sramana and @1mby1m.

8 Responses to “ 1M/1M Twitter Strategy ”

  1. john lynch says:

    I am interested in exploring this channel to talk to our first 100
    potential customers for cargo-quarters.com. I am starting a blog.

  2. nwennakai says:

    What are BPO workers?

  3. nwennakai says:

    Are BPO workers employees who I can hire from Elance? Is this why they are low wage workers? Is there a module on how to hire and train them?

  4. arvind.ranganathAToracle.com says:

    Can you please provide me access to the 1m1m premium tweets google doc file?

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