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How You Can Use The 1Mby1M Twitter Channel

Posted on Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

This module contains specific instructions on how you can use our Twitter channel to promote your product, service, brand, and also for customer validation purposes. Please contact 1Mby1M Customer Support to get access to the 1Mby1M Premium Twitter Messages Google doc file mentioned in the lecture. If you haven’t already, please also study the 1Mby1M Twitter Strategy module.

Our Twitter channel handles are @sramana and @1mby1m.

Note: Only 1Mby1M Premium members can use our Twitter channel. Click here to join 1Mby1M if you are accessing this module without a membership.

3 Responses to “ How You Can Use The 1Mby1M Twitter Channel ”

  1. anandagar says:

    Hi Sramana

    We have roped in Partnership with Appdirect (http://appdirect.com), Canada based company and integrated it with Marketplace for SaaS application, which they have developed for Bell Labs Canada. I want to promote this news through your channel. I have PR drafted. Could you please let me know, how we can promote it.


    • sramana says:

      HI Anand,

      Congratulations on the partnership.

      You would need to schedule time at a public roundtable and come and make your announcement there. We will include the announcement in my syndicated roundtable recap column.
      I suggest you do this for a January roundtable, because we’re already in the holiday season. However, if you want the announcement to go out on Dec 22, we can certainly accommodate that. Please coordinate with Maureen, and send her your slides ASAP.

      Also, pls follow the instructions in the Twitter strategy section on how to use the 1M/1M Twitter channel to get the word out about both your product and this partnership.

      Thanks, Sramana

  2. MelanieP says:

    Thank you! This is generous and great!

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