“1M/1M is a very helpful program, and Sramana is very well connected in the industry. When we were looking to talk to investors, Sramana introduced us to multiple investors, and also acted as an advisor helping us navigate complex term sheet clauses like tranche financing and liquidation preferences. 1M/1M also helped us win the $40,000 Microsoft BizSpark Startup Challenge Grant by helping us refine our pitch, market sizing analysis, and other details. I would enthusiastically recommend the 1M/1M program for first time entrepreneurs and technical founders who need help with understanding other aspects of running a business.”

“I have presented numerous times at the private roundtables, and what stands out is Sramana’s incredible intelligence, and the trouble she takes to ensure she communicates her message to you in a way that makes it so easy to accept. Sramana is the kind of advisor every entrepreneur would love to have.”

“The value of your program is amazing. For perspective, I also joined a $12,000/year CEO-roundtable group, with professional speakers and full day, once-per-month meetings. At 1/12th the cost, 1M/1M provides far more value. I was looking for what you teach back in January of 2007 and couldn’t find it anywhere. We had just launched our first tech venture and would have saved countless thousands in trial and error education if 1M/1M was available.”

Dan Stewart,  CEO, Happy Grasshopper

“The 1M/1M program has been a phenomenal help to us. Within days of joining, Sramana introduced us to some key folks in the industry and helped open new doors for us. Her advice is real, focused, and actionable. I would highly encourage entrepreneurs, especially first-time entrepreneurs, to leverage the program.”

Vikrant Mathur,  Co-Founder at iFood.tv

“1M/1M is great to accelerate the penetration in a rich but challenging market like the United States. It takes time to build a sales and product proposition tailored to a new market and usually requires money and time, especially if the company has an innovative proposition. Within the 1M/1M network and with the great support and coordination of Sramana Mitra, CrowdEngineering has been able to quickly adjust the selling proposition, find a channel partner and reach high value prospects for its crowdsourced customer support offering.”

Gioacchino La Vecchia,  CEO at CrowdEngineering

“1M/1M is a great place to bounce your ideas and get valuable inputs. Sramana has a keen eye on positioning and gives a new perspective. Also a good place to meet new startups and growing companies.”

Abhishek Rungta,  Founder/CEO, Indus Net Technologies

“Sramana’s vision and mission for One Million by One Million is becoming a reality. As a serial entrepreneur and now a participant in the 1M/1M premium program I’ve received direct and relevant feedback from Sramana during my roundtable presentation. Sramana’s mentoring along with the online lecture series has helped me perfect my presentation and pitch as I prepare to raise capital under difficult economic conditions.”

Michaeline Daboul,  President & Co-Founder, MMIS, Inc.

“In less than 24 hours since I signed up for the 1M/1M Premium program, I have completed 3.5 modules (3 from the core curriculum, and half of Vision India 2020). I am blown away by the quality of the material. I cannot believe all this is available for just $1000! I feel I have got my money’s worth in the first 24 hours of my membership. A warm, heart-felt sincere thank you to Sramana and the rest of the 1M/1M team.”

Sanjeeb P., 

“1M/1M, we would not be where we are without you! Without the wonderful 1M/1M team, we would not be in the place in our company’s growth today! We’re at a place where we’re growing our customer base, we’re growing our internal team and even have companies speaking to us about our success as target to be acquired. The training was and is intense, BUT is structured and NEEDED if you truly wish to be driven to success. As the founder, it was laid upon me to rely on an organization where I could ask “the dumb” questions to help my team and company to grow and to respond. If there was one thing I could tell an entrepreneur, it would be to join 1M/1M immediately before you hire your first employee.”

Christopher M. Carter,  Founder, Approyo