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“The 1Mby1M program gave me a great perspective on the important steps involved in evaluating a new software product concept, beyond the engineering side of things. I got to learn some of the important aspects to building a successful product like proper positioning, profitable business model, concept validation, and alignment with company goals, along with brushing up on my pitching skills. Coming from an engineering background, most of the business side of product development was new for me, but the excellent curriculum, roundtables and effective mentorship made it easy to grasp the concepts, correct course and get the most out of a great Intrapreneurship program.”

Bikram Singh Gill,  Senior Principal Applications Engineer, Oracle India - Attended 1Mby1M Intrapreneurship program sponsored by Oracle, 2015 - 2016

“Sramana is a great mentor to have for any aspiring entrepreneur. Her critique is data driven and very direct – something that every entrepreneur needs to hear. I had the opportunity of being a part of the 1M1M program and it helped me in bringing structure to my own thoughts as a young entrepreneur. I strongly recommend entrepreneurs to find out a way to speak to Sramana and benefit from her vast experience and candid inputs.”

Nimit Kumar,  Founder & Chief Executive Officer, uniRow Inc

“1M/1M is great to accelerate the penetration in a rich but challenging market like the United States. It takes time to build a sales and product proposition tailored to a new market and usually requires money and time, especially if the company has an innovative proposition. Within the 1M/1M network and with the great support and coordination of Sramana Mitra, CrowdEngineering has been able to quickly adjust the selling proposition, find a channel partner and reach high value prospects for its crowdsourced customer support offering.”

Gioacchino La Vecchia,  CEO at CrowdEngineering

“1Mby1M is a great place to bounce your ideas and get valuable inputs. Sramana has a keen eye on positioning and gives a new perspective. Also a good place to meet new startups and growing companies.”

“Sramana’s vision and mission for One Million by One Million is becoming a reality. As a serial entrepreneur and now a participant in the 1M/1M premium program I’ve received direct and relevant feedback from Sramana during my roundtable presentation. Sramana’s mentoring along with the online lecture series has helped me perfect my presentation and pitch as I prepare to raise capital under difficult economic conditions.”

Michaeline Daboul,  President & Co-Founder, MMIS, Inc.

“1Mby1M has proven to be invaluable for smartQED in a number of ways. Firstly, Sramana’s network was extremely helpful in prospecting customers for early validation and feedback. Further, unlike many other educational resources for entrepreneurship that are too theoretical, Sramana’s material is packed with practical knowledge from real life entrepreneurs that have built successful companies. Lastly, 1Mby1M’s private roundtables always provided us with honest and insightful feedback that helped us shape our business strategy greatly. For the price, 1Mby1M is a no brainer and I would recommend it to any entrepreneur.”

Rishi Mukhopadhyay,  Co-Founder, Chief Strategist and VP of Business Development, smartQED

“I come from the fashion industry and learning ecommerce strategies to bring our fabrics online for b2b sales was possible thanks to 1Mby1M mentoring. We are now a few steps closer to our goals. Special thanks to Sramana for sharing our story on her blog.”

Dushyant Parikh,  Founder & CEO, TheCreativeArtisans.com

“I signed up with 1Mby1M to be shown the mirror, be held accountable for my intentions, and for some straight-talk from SramanaMitra. To be shown different perspectives that I am not willing or able to see is of enormous value. There can be no business growth without that.

In the customer pitch that I made to Sramana during one of the weekly roundtable sessions, I received feedback and coaching that has saved me years of wasting time. If you are an entrepreneur, do yourself a service and explore 1Mby1M.

The premium year-long program is ridiculously low-priced (Rs 65,000) and is a huge value for the money with 1.5 hour weekly private roundtable sessions. Wishing you super success in your venture. Make it certain with SramanaMitra and 1Mby1M.”

Jyoti Gulati,  Founder, Centre for Transformational Leadership™, Centre for Entrepreneurial Excellence™, Mums At Work™

“The 1Mby1M virtual start-up accelerator is a great program for any new start-up or first-time entrepreneur. It provides far more value than the average accelerator program. SramanaMitra works closely with the members to refine their start-up ideas. Her pragmatic approach will quickly uncover if you are headed down the wrong path with your idea.I was fortunate to have learned about the program and wish I had learned about it sooner. I strongly recommend the 1Mby1M program to any new entrepreneur.”

Judepatricks Onyema,  Founder, JM Onyema, Inc.