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“The 1M/1M premium program is extremely valuable and a must-do for first time entrepreneurs. There are so many wide-ranging lessons that are available as video tutorials, covering all aspects of starting a business and making it a success. Sramana is a great coach and enabler and I would highly recommend any startups out there to join this program and follow the curriculum diligently.”

Shashank Shekhar,  Co-Founder, Antezen

“The 1M/1M curriculum is full of incredibly valuable information. I constantly learn from the program and refer back to it often. Along with the curriculum, I have benefited immensely from Sramana’s knowledge and experience, directing me step by step on taking my business to the next level. She is a confident, direct leader who gets a lot done in a short amount of time. Sramana is a highly respected businesswoman who has connected me with major accounts that I had wanted to get in front of for years. The cost of membership has more than paid for itself several times over. I highly recommend the 1M/1M program to any entrepreneur at any stage of business.”

“Sramana listened to my first pitch and summed up our position in one sentence; she can get to the heart of a matter precisely and quickly. She doesn’t tell you what you want to hear, she tells you what you need to know. The curriculum, full of detailed information on marketing and development strategies, has also been a great benefit of joining 1M/1M.”

“Sramana is incredibly well connected, experienced and willing to guide early stage founders with support, mentoring and facilitating connections. She has been instrumental in guiding us as part of the 1M/1M incubator and has opened up many doors through her extensive network. I look forward to her support going forward, and hope that her many successes continue.”

Ali Ahmed,  Founder & CEO, Lutebox

“1M/1M is great when you need good firm advice on how to build/improve/re-invent your business strategy. Sramana knows what it takes to make your business work and make money from it – and that’s what we all need, isn’t it?!”

Racheli Levkovich,  Founder, VP Business Development, Zuznow

“I am definitely a curriculum-junkie!”

Rex Ferguson,  Founder and CEO of LinguistaLogix

“In my first six months, I have used the 1M/1M curriculum quite a bit to fine tune my business plan and I am still doing so. I’ve attended a few roundtables and pitched at two. We will start our marketing campaign soon and will need confirmation from Sramana if we are headed in the right direction, when to correct, etc. I need to correct early on so I can get better results before our bootstrapping funds run out. I’m sure that is an issue with most start-ups! 1M/1M provides great mentoring support. I especially like knowing there’s someone there to give me insightful answers to my questions when I need them.”

Melanie Kusmik,  Founder and CEO, StoryCube LLC

“I didn’t expect Sramana to be so approachable. I have never experienced mentorship like this in Malaysia where I am based. I also appreciate the online experience where I don’t need to go someplace to participate. In a few months, I have learned to think differently and after speaking to Sramana at a private roundtable have corrected my course.”

Talat Fakhr,  Game Programmer, Designer and Founder of Quantips Sdn Bhd. Business: Games and Gamification related software production

“I like the methodology and social approach of the 1M/1M program. Access to well elaborated tools and processes for proper market building and to a large network are especially appreciated.”

Mark Heifets,  Technology Entrepreneur, CEO at Inphodrive