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“In less than 24 hours since I signed up for the 1M/1M Premium program, I have completed 3.5 modules (3 from the core curriculum, and half of Vision India 2020). I am blown away by the quality of the material. I cannot believe all this is available for just $1000! I feel I have got my money’s worth in the first 24 hours of my membership. A warm, heart-felt sincere thank you to Sramana and the rest of the 1M/1M team.”

“1M/1M, we would not be where we are without you! Without the wonderful 1M/1M team, we would not be in the place in our company’s growth today! We’re at a place where we’re growing our customer base, we’re growing our internal team and even have companies speaking to us about our success as target to be acquired. The training was and is intense, BUT is structured and NEEDED if you truly wish to be driven to success. As the founder, it was laid upon me to rely on an organization where I could ask “the dumb” questions to help my team and company to grow and to respond. If there was one thing I could tell an entrepreneur, it would be to join 1M/1M immediately before you hire your first employee.”

“1M/1M has exceeded my expectations in every way. Access to Sramana as a mentor is priceless. She knows my industry and provided great insight and much needed positive reinforcement for me to take Channel Navigator to the next level at a critical pivot point in my business. The online curriculum and case studies are succinct and to the point – they gave me some fresh ideas and convinced me to redouble my bootstrapping efforts. I have had the added benefit of great PR and some solid new business leads resulting from the program. It was the best money I have spent on my business. I highly recommend the program to anyone who is looking for support and guidance in developing their concept into a profitable business.”

Clark Richter,  Founder, Fossa LLC

“The insight, knowledge and advice I received from 1M/1M was both exhaustive and an invaluable part of our successes.”

“The 1M/1M program has been the best investment I made before launching my app. The curriculum is full of rich content that helped me every step of the way. I fully recommend the program to any entrepreneur at any stage of developing a new startup.”

“I think we all come to the party with a specific set of issues and limitations. I thought Sramana was brutal in her commentary at first, because she exposed my weaknesses. But then she gave me a remedy, which was motivating. In a matter of speaking, she knocked me down and then helped me get back up. I got out of the 1M/1M program what I put in, and that was worth every penny.”

“1M/1M is very helpful as we grow Clickable by applying Customer Development and Iterative Feedback principles. Sramana’s advice is solid for fundraising, bootstrapping, and growth hacking.”

Mike Onghai,  Chief Customer Painkiller, Clickable

“1M/1M is the antidote to VC fever. What resonates with me is that, rather than spending countless hours chasing Angels / VCs, there is a clear, more efficient path to launching. 1M/1M teaches how to bootstrap, perfect your sales approach and get customers. The awesome thing is practically every technology startup can afford this. I could not imagine better place to find value as a startup.”

Ryan Thompson,  Entrepreneur In Residence, Apex Datacom

“A refreshing way to look at startup strategy, Sramana really makes you think hard, experiment and find what works for your business. However much you think you already know about startups, business, and strategy, the 1M/1M course will teach you something that will impact your business in a meaningful way. Thank you, Sramana, for being an awesome advisor!”