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“1Mby1M is a very helpful program, and Sramana is very well connected in the industry. When we were looking to talk to investors, Sramana introduced us to multiple investors, and also acted as an advisor helping us navigate complex term sheet clauses like tranche financing and liquidation preferences. 1Mby1M also helped us win the $40,000 Microsoft BizSpark Startup Challenge Grant by helping us refine our pitch, market sizing analysis, and other details. I would enthusiastically recommend the 1Mby1M program for first time entrepreneurs and technical founders who need help with understanding other aspects of running a business.”

“Working with the 1Mby1M team is perhaps one of the best decisions I’ve made on the spur of the moment. I was tracking 1Mby1M for a while and used to get their e-newsletter. I was always cynical about the pay to play model in the Bay Area. I tested the model quite late in our evolution on a whim and was surprised by everything. It was the best $1000 spent. I would strongly urge founders who are at the ideation stage to sign up – you will save yourself a lot of time, trouble and resources. Through 1Mby1M, I was introduced to Warren Weiss, a renowned former sales executive who worked with Steve Jobs at NeXT, and is now a successful VC in Silicon Valley.”

“I joined the 1Mby1M Premium program in 2020 and had a very good experience interacting with Sramana. Her inputs during the private roundtable sessions added a lot of value; she addressed the exact objectives I had. She also made a number of valuable introductions. Overall, the program had a very positive influence on our journey.”

“The 1Mby1M program has been a phenomenal help to us. Within days of joining, Sramana introduced us to some key folks in the industry and helped open new doors for us. Her advice is real, focused, and actionable. I would highly encourage entrepreneurs, especially first-time entrepreneurs, to leverage the program. Many thanks for all the help, support and mentorship through the years.”

Vikrant Mathur,  Co-Founder at Future Today

“Working with Sramana Mitra and the 1Mby1M Premium program has been invaluable for Adya as a bootstrapped company to better understand how to best position the product and the company while working within constraints. Sramana has a very fresh perspective that promotes bootstrapped startups making slow, steady progress while rejecting the need for institutional investments. This also makes companies better targets for acquisitions. Thanks to her introductions, we were able to pitch Adya to the right companies at the senior executive levels. This led to, I am happy to say, an acquisition of Adya by Qualys! Without Sramana, this happy outcome would likely not have happened.”

Deepak Balakrishna,  Co-Founder and CEO, Adya (Acquired by Qualys)

“As a serial entrepreneur, I learned much more than I expected from presenting my pitch at the 1Mby1M roundtables. Sramana is exceptionally well-connected and knows the VC community quite well. It was very useful to get candid feedback and specific suggestions, not only on the pitch itself, but on what likely reactions would be from various investors. If you have something that is fundable, she will open up her Rolodex of investors, channel partners and customers, as she did for me.”

Norm Wu,  CEO, i-Human Patients, Inc., (Acquired by the Test Prep and Licensure group of Kaplan, Inc.)

“The value of your program is amazing. For perspective, I also joined a $12,000/year CEO-roundtable group, with professional speakers and full day, once-per-month meetings. At 1/12th the cost, 1Mby1M provides far more value. I was looking for what you teach back in January of 2007 and couldn’t find it anywhere. We had just launched our first tech venture and would have saved countless thousands in trial and error education if 1Mby1M was available.”

Dan Stewart,  CEO, Happy Grasshopper - $4+ Million Annual Revenue in 2016

“The 1Mby1M program offers outstanding value and advice to startup entrepreneurs. The 1Mby1M curriculum is well thought out and to the point with case studies; roundtable meetings provide a great framework for exchanging ideas and learning from similar stage entrepreneurs. I highly recommend this program for start-ups and early stage businesses.”

Vasudeva Akula, Ph.D.,  Co-Founder, VOZIQ - $1+ Million Annual Revenue in 2016

“It’s been a year since I joined 1Mby1M Premium, and I have benefited immensely from the course material – the readings, videos, case studies and roundtables. I have a much clearer and better understanding of the startup process and what it takes to succeed. Since joining, I’ve been able to use customer discovery to figure out what exactly is the product I need to build, who my target customers are, and how big the market is. I have been able to identify a strong market need that is underserved, and a clearly defined audience.

The coursework and my interactions with Sramana have been very beneficial and immensely enjoyable! I’ve learnt from the many success stories featured in the videos, especially the different “models” of entrepreneurial success, and the creativity behind each. There are some universal guidelines and templates for entrepreneurs, but there’s no one size fits all. Your case studies have helped me understand that and many other implicit lessons in entrepreneurship. Thank you for everything you do for aspiring entrepreneurs, and for making so much available so easily, and at an affordable price!”