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“With Sramana, we sprinted from vague product concept to a customer-driven business with real, reference customers in just six months. Any startup that wants to fast-track to being ‘Silicon Valley VC ready’ should participate in this program.”

Taariq Lewis,  Founder & CEO at Stanzr

“OrangeScape has benefited greatly by being part of Sramana Mitra’s 1M/1M program. As a company, we were able to lean back on Sramana’s vast experience in enterprise GTM processes. She has been driving specific aspects for our GTM just like another member of the OrangeScape team. Also, her interface between OrangeScape and Persistent Systems relationship has greatly helped us in progressing the partnership in a positive direction at all times. Overall, it has been a phenomenal positive for OrangeScape.”

Suresh Sambandam,  Founder & CEO at OrangeScape

“Since joining 1M/1M we have gained some invaluable insights from Sramana and her team. I sincerely believe established businesses, as well as startups, trying to reach the next milestone in their business have a lot to gain from participation in 1M/1M. Sramana and her team take considerable interest, and in my view a lot of personal satisfaction in their clients’ successes.”

Scott Clark,  VP Business Development at Value of Insight Consulting

“I have found the 1M/1M premium program extremely useful in multiple ways. First, it gave us clear direction on how to move from a pure-play services business to a products business. It was very important for us to learn that we need to build a product that a customer needs rather than trying to convince the customer to think along the lines of our idea. Second, the number of connections we get from the 1M/1M program has been many and we have been successful in converting a few of them into our customers. Third, we get invaluable advice from Sramana on all aspects of business. When we were faced with a tremendous resource crunch, her advice to tap into the freelance community was extremely useful for us. All in all, we find the program very effective for us.”

Ashok Jagathrakshakan,  Founder and President at Azuyo

“I read all of Sramana Mitra’s books, which led me to the 1M/1M program. I really appreciate Sramana’s no-nonsense style and feedback. This was most useful while I was doing my market research. Through her I met and hired a programmer, also a 1M/1M member. I have attracted a co-founder and board members from industry leaders. I could not have done this without Sramana’s guidance.”

Joan Parsons,  Founder and CEO of High Mileage Living

“My experience with 1M/1M program is solid knowledge gained from real world business men and women. The program is a combination of videos from Sramana into the facets of business ownership along with the stories from people who have successfully built their own businesses. I love the fact that there is a story that resonates with each of us, each one stands on its own, an inspiring source of information. Thanks for the belief in me and my business.”

Vrushali Humnabadkar,  Founder and Owner, Penworks

“1M/1M has provided us with the focus needed to help us understand how to continue building our startup and what goals should be the focus for our pilot. We encourage any entrepreneur, new or seasoned, to use 1M/1M’s resources and participate in the roundtables where there is much information and knowledge to absorb.”

Shai Spetgang,  CEO and Founder, RidesApp