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“1M/1M was excellent platform for our entrepreneurial career. First of all, it gave us a lot of confidence when we were selected to receive a scholarship from 1M/1M. When I went through the curriculum, it was kind of an eye-opener for me in many ways and for the first time I learned the meaning of many jargon words used in the entrepreneur community. The weekly private roundtables are helping us to learn about problems for other startups and the guidance from Sramana on overcoming such problems has helped us to relate to our own problems and solve them appropriately.

Support from the 1M/1M team and the social networking tools available to communicate to a larger audience are amazing.

Still, I remember Sramana saying that 1M/1M is like a gym, where all the tools, knowledge and support are available, but it is up to the individual to use them properly. I feel the same way.”

“The three greatest things I learned from 1M/1M are: 1) Focus on a specific, target niche in your market, and go after it with full force 2) It doesn’t matter how large your niche market is because your business can still create value. In fact, there is a smaller chance of there being intense competition in such a market. 3) The best way to reach your potential customers is directly. This way you can build a relationship with them and earn their loyalty. This can be facilitated much more easily today with technology. All of this is topped off with the icing on the cake, which is Sramana’s very actionable feedback. Overall, 1M/1M has been a very positive and valuable experience so far, and I have already recommended it to other entrepreneurs. The value I have gained from the program makes it so the price does not even matter. If wantrepreneurs are willing to pay over $20k per year and forego a salary to go to business school and learn from professors, then there is no reason not to pay $1000 per year while working on your company and gain valuable advice and actionable feedback. You are not just investing in your company. You are investing in your own future and growth as an entrepreneur.”

“The 1M/1M program has been crucial for me since the very early days of OpsVisibility. I use the program weekly as an ‘ambiguity guide’ to clarify the path of my company.”

“The 1M/1M curriculum is exhaustive and in-depth. The private roundtables are an excellent platform to validate your idea and refine it further. In a nutshell, if you are a first time entrepreneur, this is the program you should not miss.”

“Working with 1M/1M and Sramana helped me get laser sharp focus on the things that matter most when starting a revenue generating business from nothing. As an entrepreneur facing a myriad of complex issues and decisions, it is easy to get distracted, diverted and deviate. But if one is driven and moving at a fast pace, this program helps maintain a clear focus while providing opportunities and resources at the right time for many critical aspects, including PR, customers, and investor introductions.”

Swarna Kuruganti,  Founder, PlayyIt

“Great curriculum lecture videos for first time entrepreneurs. Sramana is eager to help and provide guidance directly, and you can also learn from other companies in the program.”

Amit Aggarwal,  Founder, Mangobird

“1M/1M helped me to recognize the areas of my business that could use some growth and Sramana helped me to identify how to grow those areas the fastest. The roundtables are amazing to get feedback on specific areas of your business and the curriculum videos are a great tool to use from time to time when you have questions or concerns around your business. Sramana’s direct and straightforward business savvy advice is extremely beneficial for those creative entrepreneurial business types to get grounded in their businesses.”

Nwenna Kai,  Founder, The LiveWell Movement

“Team ShopOffice found 1M/1M to be a helpful program as startup entrepreneurs. Sramana is very helpful as a mentor. I have gone through the complete 1M/1M curriculum found it to be quite comprehensive. 1M/1M really helped me with my business plan and strategies. I have also attended many of the roundtables and pitched at some of them. ShopOffice has seen positive results by using this program and would recommend it to other aspiring entrepreneurs.”

Rohit Singh,  Team ShopOffice

“1M/1M has been great at providing our team with mentoring and feedback at regular intervals. The weekly discussion roundups and private roundtable sessions with Sramana and other incubatees at 1M/1M have helped streamline enMarkit’s business plan. Sramana is an exceptionally motivated leader and her excitement definitely rubs off on entrepreneurs in the 1M/1M program.”