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“The 1Mby1M curriculum and private roundtable sessions challenged me to narrow my focus for results. I received specific feedback on our business model and actionable insights from Sramana. I was able to remove the fluff and unnecessary ideas in our pitch. The case studies of companies showed me previous participant companies now highly profitable and some publicly traded. I recommend this to founders who want to earn revenue and mature their company before raising capital, seeking press and venture capital.”

“Had a good chance to learn efficient methodologies for presenting an idea under the guidance of Sramana as part of the 1Mby1M program. Pitching to Sramana during the roundtables is a great experience. During the roundtables, I was able to explore different ways of positioning my idea from the market and the customer points of view.”

Sarath Bejavada,  Principal Quality Assurance Engineer, Oracle India - Attended 1Mby1M Intrapreneurship program sponsored by Oracle, 2019 - 2020

“Sramana has unique insights and a vast network in startup ecosystems around the globe. Her strategies not only prepare startups to lay a good foundation from the beginning in all aspects of business, but also to find synergies within the corporate world. I am very happy that our company Adya was acquired by Qualys, a market leader in the IT security and compliance space, within a short time span. Thanks to her introductions and guidance along the way, which made it possible.”

Amit Agarwal,  Co-Founder and CTO, Adya (Acquired by Qualys)

“Our partnership with 1Mby1M fills a critical gap in our entrepreneurial ecosystem. We were attracted to their innovative approach for offering accelerated education, strategy consulting, mentoring, coaching and peer networking, and totally impressed with their long term experience and creditability in that marketplace. To be able to provide this extraordinary support on a totally virtual, global platform was extraordinary and would scale development opportunities for so many serious Delaware entrepreneurs. 1Mby1M is not your traditional incubator/accelerator either from a business building or service delivery standpoint. We are hoping to be able to expand the number of Delaware companies participating in this partnership in the very near future.”

Ken Anderson,  Director of Entrepreneurial and Small Business Support, Delaware Economic Development Office (DEDO) - Delaware Economic Development Office (DEDO) Partners With 1Mby1M

“I have presented numerous times at the private roundtables, and what stands out is Sramana’s incredible intelligence, and the trouble she takes to ensure she communicates her message to you in a way that makes it so easy to accept. Sramana is the kind of advisor every entrepreneur would love to have.”

“I joined the 1Mby1M program about 3 years back when I just started my entrepreneurship journey. 1Mby1M has structured a great curriculum that I think is extremely practical and immensely helpful for startup founders. The courses are backed by very powerful case studies that give a true picture of real-life situations and what other founders have done in such situations. A big takeaway for me from the program was ‘bootstrap first, raise funds later’, something that Sramana emphasizes very often. I left the program with a clearer picture of the levers for navigating the very early stage of a startup journey.

Fast forward a few years, CliniOps has bootstrapped to a position where our solution is currently used in 15+ countries across North America, South America, Asia and Africa, with over 50,000+ patients on our system, and our work has been recognized by some of the top analysts in our domain, and most importantly by happy customers. I recently rejoined the program with an expectation to receive Sramana’s guidance and advice on our next steps, as we prepare to grow our channels and partnerships, and get ready to raise our first round of institutional investment. Looking forward to a productive second stint at 1Mby1M!”

Avik Pal,  Founder & CEO, CliniOps, Inc. - $1.2+ Million in Annual Revenue in 2017

“The 1Mby1M program has been an invaluable resource for my nascent bioscience/biotech company. As a new entrepreneur, use of the TAM process in a granular way repeatedly helped us to find routes to help potential customers. We found customers on projects we’re most suited for: food safety for key indoor farmers and agriculture R&D institutions. Both of these markets are growing fast and following 1Mby1M’s disciplined training process has helped us to keep up. We were able to validate our product ideas and value proposition against the market needs to enable projects.”

Dr. Anthony (Andy) Ragone,  Founder CTO/CIO, Spekciton Biosciences LLC

“I’ve met many start-up advisors, having led an incubator in Chicago for 12 years. Sramana stands out as a superstar in terms of her ability to clarify issues and move an entrepreneur forward – even if that means bursting bubbles when necessary. Its a great service to clients to get a reality check at the beginning of one’s journey – helping to maximize one’s time, money and energy.”

Joyce Shanahan,  Shanahan Consulting

“Since joining 1Mby1M, Avkin completed a rebranding; raised a small ~$1 Million Series A; secured a few grants; grew the team from 4 to 12 FTE; launched two new products; and is on track for $1 Million revenue this year (up from $75k). We found great benefit in our 1Mby1M sessions, not only from the candid advice and homework provided by Sramana that allowed us to refine our channel and go-to-market strategy, but also from listening to and learning from the experiences of our fellow entrepreneurs. We are pleased with our experience and thankful for the support from the Delaware Economic Development Office (DEDO) that enabled our 1Mby1M participation.”