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“I found 1Mby1M when I was searching for a startup accelerator for my company Simulation Powered Learning. Started out by attending the public roundtables hosted by Sramana Mitra and was impressed with the clarity, directness and helpful nature of the conversations. So I plunged in and joined the 1Mby1M Premium program.

It is one of the best investments I’ve made. Sramana can be very direct, but that’s what you want, think through issues, focus on the right things. This coupled with the curriculum is a wonderful treasure chest of knowledge and wisdom. I also love her regular commentary via her Cloud Stock Analysis series on LinkedIn, where Sramana shares her views on stocks, trends, strategy and much more.

Finally, even if I don’t have anything to update, I try to join the private roundtables that are offered as part of the Premium subscription. There is so much I learn from the conversations with other entrepreneurs. If you are thinking about launching your business, or would like to grow your existing venture, 1Mby1M is a fabulous resource.

There is a saying in Sanskrit – बुद्धी विवरदस्यां कारण किम, व्रिध्ययोप सेव्हया
What is the best way to learn something new? To learn hands on from an expert in the field.

I wish her success and the impact you are making is very real. Thank you for all that you do.”

Samir Penkar,  CEO at Simulation Powered Learning

“I love the 1Mby1M Premium program. Sramana is outstanding for her knowledge of and experience in the start-up world. We talk to her regularly, and she always provides insight and relevant advice for our specific case. I definitely recommend the program!”

“It’s been a year since I joined 1Mby1M Premium, and I have benefited immensely from the course material – the readings, videos, case studies and roundtables. I have a much clearer and better understanding of the startup process and what it takes to succeed. Since joining, I’ve been able to use customer discovery to figure out what exactly is the product I need to build, who my target customers are, and how big the market is. I have been able to identify a strong market need that is underserved, and a clearly defined audience.

The coursework and my interactions with Sramana have been very beneficial and immensely enjoyable! I’ve learnt from the many success stories featured in the videos, especially the different “models” of entrepreneurial success, and the creativity behind each. There are some universal guidelines and templates for entrepreneurs, but there’s no one size fits all. Your case studies have helped me understand that and many other implicit lessons in entrepreneurship. Thank you for everything you do for aspiring entrepreneurs, and for making so much available so easily, and at an affordable price!”

“Sramana cuts through the fog with laser precision by asking the right questions and offering specific, action-oriented advice. She will tell you what you ought to be doing instead of what you would like to hear. This is priceless! Many (most) times, Sramana understands one’s product/idea better than they do and offers answers to questions that they have not yet thought about! She provides vivid clarity and actionable advice.”

“Running a successful startup/business is like playing football. Your hard work, conviction, and skill are all necessary conditions. Nevertheless, to achieve success, you also need a committed coach who can provide clear, candid and constructive advice. Sramana is that coach. She will push you and pull you and will not stop until you reach the hill! I’m glad that I have her on my side.”

“1Mby1M provides great advice and connections, and helps you look at your business from a new angle. In short, 1Mby1M offers a wonderful sounding board and strategic advice to help you think differently, which is invaluable in the fiercely competitive world around us. The 1Mby1M program is the best way to get Sramana Mitra’s insights working for you.”

Abhishek Rungta,  Founder & CEO, Indus Net Technologies - $11 Million Annual Revenue in 2018

“It has been a pleasure working with Sramana and 1Mby1M team since I joined the premium program. Starting a hardware venture with an art focus has been a hard battle and requires several tough decisions on a daily basis. Having Sramana’s expert advice on those tough decisions has been a key factor in helping me to make those decisions with aplomb. Sramana brings decades of entrepreneurial and startup advisory experience and that is clearly evident when you discuss with her a new business model, operational issues or fund raising. At the same time, one can leverage her connections in all the required areas including investors, corporate business development and talent pool. I recommend the 1Mby1M program to every early or late stage startup founder.”

“The 1Mby1M Premium program provides access to highly curated content for entrepreneurs to consume within their context, and the best parts of the program involve presenting at the Public / Private roundtables, including the 1-on-1 interactions with Sramana which involve a deep dive into various attributes of the startup business. I have used the roundtables to test various hypotheses, and at the right time, I will begin to leverage Sramana’s eclectic and powerful network in the US market. Highly recommended for startups considering to go-to-market in the US.”

Sharat Satyanarayana,  Co-founder & CEO, Eder Labs Pvt Ltd.(Data Privacy for AI)

“The most important aspect of 1Mby1M was helping me to understand how to look at your idea from a neutral point of view. The unbiased approach of Sramana helped to unlock the potential of the idea that I was thinking of. Sramana’s inputs helped me magnify the original small idea into a viable product concept across various domains. 1Mby1M templates are great for supporting a concept with necessary data in an investor friendly manner.”

Subodh Ravindra Pathak,  Banker with 25 years of experience and Principal Sales Consultant with Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd. - Attended 1Mby1M Intrapreneurship program sponsored by Oracle, 2018 - 2019